Most of us have changed during the pandemic. We not only discovered ourselves but also the fact that what helped us stay strong as a community was kindness between each other.

On my personal journey, with the determination of becoming a better version of myself each and every day, I decided to open my own real estate brokerage to serve my industry. I knew that what was right for me needed to be right for others, clients, agents, the community and the industry.

My vision as a business owner is to drive change in the real estate industry I belong to and team up with each of you, whether you are a real estate agent or not.

As humans, we have learned to trade between one another since the beginning of time. Now we are starting a journey where collaboration is the new norm.

At Realty at Heart, where values and professionalism work together, our agents, as leaders themselves, will decide to make these values of Care, Empathy and Service theirs, and find the support they deserve to achieve their own success through collaboration, office support, and mentorship. To help them feel safe, I have also decided to stop doing transactions, focusing instead on their journeys.

My question is simple – how can you help me create the world we do want to be part of? As the world has changed and no one wants to be sold anymore.

You can let real estate agents know l have created an office, a home where they can flourish into the real estate agent who will listen to your story and deliver therefore an outstanding service as a professional.

To agents, Realty at Heart is a place to grow your own success with the support of mentorship within the Brokerage.